Senate will send President Iohannis proposal to dismiss the Competition Council’s chief

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The Senate Standing Bureau has decided on Monday to send President Klaus Iohannis the proposal to dismiss Bogdan Chiriţoiu as President of the Competition Council, following a parliamentary investigation showing that ROBOR was manipulated, ALDE Senator Daniel Zamfir announced.

“The Standing Bureau approved the report of the Economic Committee with the recommendation to refer to the Presidency the request for Chiriţoiu’s dismissal,” Daniel Zamfir (photo) said at the end of Monday’s Senate leadership session, informs.

The Senate’s Economic Committee chief Daniel Zamfir announced on April 23 that the report shows that ROBOR was manipulated, whereas the committee suggests the dismissal of the Competition Council President Bogdan Chiritoiu and the sanctioning of Nicolae Cinteza, Director of BNR’s Supervisory Directorate and of Serban Matei, Director of BNR’s International Relations Directorate.

“ROBOR was manipulated, its calculation based on quotations proved to lack transparency, it was manipulated. The Economic Committee has proposed since March 20 that ROBOR is uncoupled from the mechanism of calculating interest rates in national currency, or to change the calculation modality of the index,” the committee’s president, ALDE Senator Daniel Zamfir said.

In reply to the report, BNR’s spokesman Dan Suciu said that the Senate’s Economic Committee’s report is discredited, as it has ignored the position expressed by the National Bank’s Board, presented to the committee, with the request addressed to BNR being at least weird.

“The report aims an investigation conducted by the Competition Council in a certain case. By extrapolating it to ROBOR proves no serious argument stands behind. It seems odd that the position expressed by the BNR Board, presented to the committee, has not been considered, however some opinions expressed by Mr. Isar are taken for granted. If this is the report, then it is entirely discredited and, consequently, by ignoring the BNR position, the request for the dismissal of Messrs. Cinteza and Serban is at least odd,” Suciu said.

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