Senate’s Budget Committee eliminates the increase of excise duty on fuel, already in force!


The Senate Budget Committee has decided on Tuesday to eliminate the increase of the excise duty on fuel.

This very committee had adopted the report on ordinance 25/2017, which amended the Tax Code and, among other things, included the increase of the excise duty on fuel, informs.

The article on the increase was eliminated, however, upon the PNL proposal.

The Government approved in the August 30 sitting the increase of fuel excise duties by the two-stage emergency ordinance – as of September 15 and as of October 1.

The first stage of the increase has already come into force and the second one will apply as of Sunday.

Most likely, as of October 1, the fuel prices will go up again, regardless of the amendment brought to the emergency ordinance in Parliament.

The level of the excise duties are:

– for unleaded petrol – RON 2,643.39/ton, respectively RON 2,035.40/1,000 litres;

– diesel fuel – RON 2,245.11/ton, respectively RON 1,897.08/1,000 litres,” the draft reads, quoted by

Currently, the excise duties, following the decrease on January 1, 2017, are as follows

– Unleaded gasoline – RON 2,151/ton, respectively RON 1,656/1,000 litres.

– Diesel fuel – RON 1,796/ton, respectively RON 1,518/1,000 litres.

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