Senators adopt bill writing off conflict of interest after three years

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The Senate (Romanian Parliament’s upper chamber) has adopted a draft law initiated by Social Democrat deputy Catalin Radulescu, also known as AKM MP after controversial statements made against protesters in Victoria Square last year, which stipulates that the deed of conflict of interest can be written off after three years since it has been committed. The bill passed by 72 votes to 13.

The draft law is amending the law 176/2010 on the integrity of exerting public offices, to amend the law of the National Integrity Agency.

Radulescu explained the amendment comes as „a logical and normal” step, being related to the limitation of deeds stipulated in the civil code. He also targeted that the MPs charged with conflict of interest should not be forced to lose their mandate, but to only be administratively sanctioned, just like in mayors’ case.

Radulescu’s draft law will go to President Iohannis for promulgation.

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