Siegfried Mureșan: Kovesi’s chances to become European chief prosecutor increased

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The Vice-President of the EPP group in the European Parliament, Siegfried Mureșan, has said that Laura Codruta Kovesi‘s chances to become European Chief Prosecutor had increased after the agreement for the new EU top positions.

I have said since the start of the procedure to elect Mrs. Kovesi for the position of European chief prosecutor that her chances would increase after the EP elections, for France’s priorities will be different”, Siegfried Muresan said on Facebook on Tuesday evening.

The Liberal MEP said France’s priority had been the position of President of the European Central Bank, a seat obtained for Christine Lagarde yesterday.

“It has been decided today: France will give the future president of the European Central Bank, and Mrs. Kovesi’s chances to become European chief prosecutor increase”, Muresan posted.

Muresan explained that, once the ECB seat obtained, France has right to no other EU top position, so Kovesi’s chances are increasing, as her only contender was French prosecutor Francois Bohnert.

The fourth round of negotiations for the appointment of the European chief prosecutor, between the European Council and the European Parliament,  failed to reach a conclusion in April this year, with the whole procedure being postponed until after European elections.

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