Sixth day of protests: President Iohannis came among protesters who asked him to take action

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President Klaus Iohannis arrived in Universitate Square on Sunday night. The Romanian head of state had promised to come among protesters at some point, without disclosing the right day or hour. Over 1,000 people gathered again downtown Bucharest for the sixth day in a row to voice their discontents.

Some people welcomed the president with letters of claims while others were booing, however, all in all, the major idea was that Iohannis was asked to give up passivity and take action. The snap elections idea was not favored, the majority calling for the entire political class renewal instead of replacing some politicians with similar ones by snap elections.”I am not squinting towards snap elections either,” Iohannis said while talking to the crowd.

Klaus Iohannis went through the crowd, assaulted by tens of persons swarming to get to him. While some thanked him for coming and handed him letters with their claims, others were booing, chanting against the entire political class “Shame in you”, “We don’t want you”, “Resignation.” Protesters complained of the politicians, of “the laws that humiliated and soaked them”, crying “We don’t want 600, we want 300” (referring to the initiative of cutting down the MPs to 300), “We want justice not snap elections” and “Corruption kills”.

The President left after 20 minutes, some people shouting “Come back” when seeing Iohannis was leaving.

People started to gather up in Universitate Square starting with 6 p.m. “Colectiv”, “Solidarity”, “Snap elections”, “We are not numbers, we are free”, “Down with the mafia” were some of the slogans, flying tricolor flags and singing the national anthem.

After returning from among the demonstrators, President Iohannis posted on Facebook: “I was in Universitate Square tonight and talked to the people. I saw a lot of indignation, but also hope that things can change. I told those present there to have faith and stay involved, as only together we can make Romania the country we all want.”

Protests in New York and The Hague

Over 200 Romanians gathered in the Union Square in New York to express solidarity with the families of the ‘Colectiv’ fire victims. They also protested against corruption in Romania and sang the national anthem.

Tens of Romanians attended a meeting in The Hague to show they are next to the protesters in Romania. The people chanted “Down with corruption” and asked the entire Romanian political class to step aside.

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