SocDem leader slams Corina Cretu: She has to decide if she is EU Commissioner or PNL’s

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Corina Cretu must decide if she is the EU Commissioner or PNL’s, Social Democrat deputy, Ioan Dirzu, leader of PSD Alba, said in a political statement, asking Cretu to say if the policy of EU funds absorption is made with the Government or „just with some Democrat Liberal mayors for coffee or at expensive receptions”.

Dirzu said he is concerned that  the time spent by Corina Cretu next to PDL mayors „is clouding her judgement”.

We see Mrs. Cretu more and more often with people who backed the European funds embezzlement during Basescu-Boc time, people who have kept Romania to the lowest rate of the EU funds absorption. If she wants to be a EPP Commissioner, it’s fine, but she’d better tell us whom she is working for,” Dirzu said.

He wonders how „the truth” is considered an „aggression” against her by the Commissioner.

„On the contrary, Corin Cretu should explain why the costs proposed by the European Investment Bank are so overpriced and why she is lobbying for them. The current ruling is pro-European, and wants to take all necessary actions for the EU funds absorption, but this cannot be done under any circumstances and no way in a formula that meas huge costs. Beyond any political statements, there are figures and documents standing. In the county hospitals issue the reality is that the projects designed by EIB for the three regional hospitals-Cluj, Iasi and Craiova- they cost over EUR 1.3 billion”, the PSD deputy argued, adding that the European financing for the three hospitals is EUR 150 million, meaning 11%.

Out of those EUR 150 M, EUR 120 M represents paper work (the feasibility, design studies, etc). Practically, for the three regional hospitals the EU money represent just EUR 30 M for the construction. The Romanian state would cover the difference  of almost EUR 1.2 billion (…) in reality, the cost of the construction and equipment of such a regional hospital is EUR 140 M. If the Romanian state planed to build all three hospitals with no EU money and without EIB, then Romania’s effort would be EUR 420 million, so to one-third of the cost proposed by Corina Cretu,” Dirzu said, asking the EU Commissioner to explain why she is insisting that the Romanian stat should pay „a cost three times higher than the real one” from the Romanians’ taxes.

In retort, PMP chairman Eugen Tomac said there is a conjugated action “masterminded in the PSD’s shady laboratories that seems to work for taking Romania out of the EU”, adding that Liviu Dragnea “through his hyenas, Valcov and Stefanescu, has started a dirty campaign” against Corina Cretu.

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