SocDem Minister of Culture defends mistresses hired in the state institutions: “They are human, too”

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PNL and PSD have embarked on a row over the expected layoffs announced by the Liberal leaders across ministries and state institutions after forming the Government.

The dismissed minister of Culture Social Democrat Daniel Breaz contradicted a Liberal during a TV show on Tuesday, defending “the mistresses and connections” hired in the public institutions.

We cannot disrespect public money, as PSD has done. That’s why we are cutting the number of ministries”, said Tinel Gheorghe (PNL).

“Meaning you are firing people. Why?”, replied Daniel Breaz.

The Liberal retorted: “We are not firing anyone who is doing his/her job, but you have filled the ministries and institutions with your connections, mistresses, acquaintances and relatives… All sort of political instructors who are paid for nothing, for they don’t know to do anything. Yes, the PSD’s political clientele doesn’t belong in the ministries anymore”.

So, you are firing people”, Breaz insisted.

“Yes, we are firing your connections and mistresses“, replied the Liberal

“But they are human, too”, Breaz concluded.

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