SocDem MP Radulescu’s right to own arms suspended after controversial AKM machine gun statement

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Policemen from Arges checked the weapons held by Social Democrat MP Catalin Radulescu, heard him and decided to suspend the right of owning weapons. The decision was taken after controversial statements made by Radulescu.

In an interview for ‘Adevarul’ he said that the protesters in Piata Victoriei should be driven away with water cannons. Moreover, he says he has kept the AKM machine gun with which he fought in the Revolution and is ready to use it again: “Nobody will take it away from me and if anyone comes with any idea to transform this state for which we fought, I am ready to use my gun immediately.”

Policemen from Arges said on Friday that Radulescu’s right to hold arms had been cancelled and that the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice is also notified over this case. Prosecutors have opened a criminal case for public nuisance.

Radulescu also said in the interview that people went to the street to protest, were manipulated and the water cannons should have been used to drive them away. “Why are these people coming to Piata Victoriei? We cannot turn this place into a waste land. Don’t they have a family, children? They were not here for an ordinance. Just to be fools in the market? They were manipulated. Many are in the street, being called on Facebook, being called on by the multinationals,” he said.

Catalin Radulescu, one of the MPs supporting the amendments to the criminal code, has a final sentence and lots of scandals – swearing at journalists, citizens, threatening the policemen who fined him for speeding.

One day later, Radulescu tried to fix things up, yet persisting in the same defiant attitude. The Social Democrat deputy committed new error when attempting to justify his statements, arguing that he has just wanted to “have the two journalists from Adevarul on”.

“I have no weapon except for the hunting one, tomorrow I might say that I have the atomic bomb to fool certain journalists so that they should go and check. Maybe I have an atomic bomb at home. The Police has just searched there and saw there was nothing from what has been said, it’s madness, but it’s nice that journalists arw swallowing this type of baits,” Radulescu told Digi24.

His statements were also slammed inside the Social Democrat Party. PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said he has a bad opinion about Radulescu’s assertions and that he “is risking many things”.

“Besides being inopportune, his statements are dangerous, I don’t know if he can still the right to possess those weapons. A man cannot play with these statements, threatening with weapons and still have the right to legally hold them,” Dragnea commented.

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