Social Democrat deputy lashes out against EU, Germany, France and President Iohannis: „Masters riding us”

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Social Democrat Party deputy Nicolae Bacalbaşa, known for his controversial stances, has launched an unprecedented attack against the European Union and against such countries as Germany or France on Monday, calling them „masters riding us”. He also slammed President Klaus Iohannis, saying he „is outside Romania”.

Nicolae Bacalbaşa told a local TV in Galati about Romania’s place in the EU, and also about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, accusing her she is turning Romania into „a colony” with the help of some „undercover” people.

President Iohannis is outside Romania for me. We are in an union, but like in any other union, there is a horse and a rider. We are not even the horse, but the mule of a structure that we’ll never be able to influence. Practically, we are intoxicated by our masters who are riding us, Germany and France and their current colonies that they want to totally subordinate. Our masters have managed to create a repression mechanism, which is, ironically, controlled by some of our countrymen, whom I don’t consider Romanians, like the President, and to keep us subordinate like puppies, with our nose in shit,” Nicolae Bacalbaşa told Galaţi local broadcaster.

The PSD MP has also said that the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism is „a filthy bullying” that has to do with the „banditry of not accepting us to Schengen”. Bacalbasa accused President Iohannis he is „a professional provoker”, infiltrated by the foreigners „in order to taunt the Romanian people”.

Moreover, the SocDem lawmaker has hinted to the German Nazi past, calling Angela Merkel „the female Fuhrer” of current Germany, accusing her that her country „is controlling” Europe.

I was glad about the discussion between PM Dancila and the female Fuhrer of current Germany, frau Merkel, who is controlling the entire European politics, through fake parties, all of them part of the EPP and that Mrs Dancila has not given in. If you want, it is also an indirect response for Klaus Werner,” he stated.

Nicolae Bacalbaşa is famous for his obscene gestures from the Parliament tribune, for which he was even suspended from the PSD leadership for six months, but also for his controversial statements.

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