Social-democrats postpone decision on Timis County branch. Victor Ponta and Catalin Ivan – no longer PSD members

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The social-democrats’ Standing Bureau sitting on Monday, carried out in the absence of chairman Liviu Dragnea (on holiday) has postponed making a decision on the Timis County party branch.

PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu has announced at the end of the sitting that no decision was made, and that he would travel to Timisoara in order to find out the way to appoint an interim county chairman to replace the ousted former leader Sorin Grindeanu, reports.

Neacsu also announced that Victor Ponta and Catalin Ivan are no longer party members, are not included in the party’s data base.

Catalin Ivan immediately posted a message on his Facebook page, saying he has proof that on October 11, 2015 he was PSD member, the date when the date base was sent by Neacsu to county organisations in view of voting the party chairman. “I request Neacsu to make the data base public, or to grant access to all the five hundred thousand members to check if they are members or not. Who knows how many might have been deleted from the data base?” Ivan wrote.

Grindeanu was dismissed as prime minister by his PSD colleagues in parliament by censure motion on June 16. Reportedly Sorin Grindeanu has been replaced from the helm of the social-democratic branch of Timis County by Petru Andea. The current issues of the Timis organisation are dealt with by Calin Dobra, Timis County executive Chairman and Timis County Council Vice-president, also reports.

Neacsu said on Monday that Sorin Grindeanu has been excluded from the PSD Executive Committee, but he is still included in the county data base. He added that the county branch is the one which deletes from the data base the expelled members.

“On the list of party members are not included Mr. Victor Ponta and Mr. Catalin Ivan. Sorin Grindeanu is still there, as the county branch is the one to operate the changes. This issue we will settle Tuesday afternoon. Sorin Grindeanu is no longer PSD member following the decision made by the Executive Committee; in the data base, a statistical index, he is still on because the county branch is to operate and to impose the Executive Committee’s decision,” Neacsu said.

Sorin Grindeanu announced on his Facebook page that he would not accept Petru Andea to take over the PSD branch, as he is currently leading the Arad County organisation, one of the weakest organisations in the country. “PSD has decided to appoint as Timis County organisation chairman a two-headed leadership. No decision made by the current leadership will make me accept, as 21-year old party member, that the party is led from Arad, one of the weakest organisations in the country. We go ahead!” Grindeanu wrote on July 20.

The PSD Standing Bureau sitting on Monday was the first in the past year, most decisions are being made by Chairman Liviu Dragnea lately. The last sitting took place on September 7, 2016.

Petru Andea claims Grindeanu has been expelled from the party

PSD Timis coordinator Petru Andea has said on Monday that the document for Grindeanu’s expelling from the party has arrived and that the former branch leader has been officially expelled from the Social-democratic Party.

“The document has arrived and confirms Mr. Sorin Grindeanu has been expelled by the Executive Committee. I don;t know what took so long,” Andea said.

He replied to Grindeanu, saying the Timis branch is not run from Arad. “I’ve been assigned to temporary run the organisation until the next elections for a new chairman. My objective is to keep the branch in one piece,” Andea said.

Petru Andea added that Grindeanu will not be followed by other branch members, nor by the MPs who supported him at the censure motion. “They will go ahead with the decisions made by the party. I’ve talked to everyone and we’ve agreed that it was a different stage,” he said.

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