Social Democrats to amend the quarantine law in the Senate, sources. PSD-Gov’t row on PM’s, minister’ attending the Parliament session

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The Social Democrats have decided in a party meeting on Monday to vote the quarantine law in Parliament, but not before amending it, political sources told mass media. So, the debates in the Legal Committee will be resumed, with PSD ready to submit further amendments to the form adopted by the Chamber of Deputies.
There have been heavy debates inside the Social Democratic Party on the quarantine law after several old members of the party, such as Paul Stănescu, Lia Olguța Vasilescu, Șerban Nicolae, Robert Cazanciuc had blocked the bill in the Senate.
However, after debates in the party’s Executive Committee on Monday, the decision on discussing and amending the law in the Senate has passed by 40 votes to 10. Sources from the party told that leaders like Ionel Arsene (Neamt), Dumitru Buzatu (Vaslui) or former PM Viorica Dancila are among those who voted for the law to be rejected in Parliament.
The PSD leader of Neamt, Ionel Arsene asked for the law to be rejected, arguing he would not like to end up “in being taken by the medical police on the street”.
Debates in the Legal Committee of the Senate on this law will be resumed this afternoon.
As for the interim chairman Marcel Ciolacu, he lobbied for the law to be amended, saying that the bill will not be voted unless the PM and Health minister are coming in Parliament to clear up all the questionable aspects in the bill. PSD chair also said that the draft law lacks the Justice Ministry’s favorable opinion.
“I am personally disappointed by Iohannis. I would have expected him to call all parliamentary parties to have a more thorough discussion,” Ciolacu said. “It is the second time that PNL and the Government have left Romania in a legal vacuum”, adding that the version of the quarantine law submitted by the Government is very bad.
To convince his colleagues to yet vote for the law to be re-discussed in the Senate, Ciolacu told them that president Iohannis could reinforce the state of emergency failing a legislation to enable the Government to take actions on the pandemic.

Gov’t retorts

In retort, the Government argues that neither PM Ludovic Orban nor the ministers have been called in Parliament for debates on the quarantine/isolation law.

“Considering the false statements in the public space, we inform you that no invitation to attend the debates in Parliament on the quarantine law has been sent to the prime minister Ludovic Orban nor to any minister of the Cabinet. Both the premier and the ministers of Health and Justice are available to attend the Parliament sessions whenever they are invited or officially required“, reads a Gov’t press release.

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