SRI warned since 2016 on the risks of African swine fever

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The head of the parliamentary committee for the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) control, Claudiu Manda, said that the SRI Director, Eduard Hellvig, informed the committee about the risks of African swine fever outbreaks in 2016, information which reached the Prime Minister, the ministers and the National Sanitary Veterinary Authority and Food Safety (ANSVSA),

“If SRI had competences in this field, it has done its job and has informed the beneficiaries. The SRI leadership has informed us that the first information to the legal beneficiaries was sent in June 2016. They informed about the risk of African swine fever. The information reached the Premier, the ministers, ANSVSA. Information was delivered to the local and central structures. The first outbreak of infection was found in July 2017, somewhere in Satu Mare County. SRI has completed its mission to inform the legal beneficiaries about this risk,” Claudiu Manda said.

The latest figures inform that the swine fever has reached 207 localities in 12 counties, up to an overall number of outbreaks of 898 and 57 wild boar cases.

ANSVSA says 232,722 pigs have been slaughtered.

Claudiu Manda has also said on Thursday that the SRI informed also about the risks of another virus, the small ruminants’ fever that could affect sheep.


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