Start of election campaign for European Parliament and for referendum. Tough retorts expected from the political parties

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The election campaign for European Parliament has officially begun on Saturday, although many parties had already initiated display of banners and rallies during this week. The campaign ends on May 25, at 7.00h.

Romania will elect 32 representatives in the European Parliament.

In the competition run 14 political parties and 3 independent candidates: Gregoriana Tudoran, George Simion și Petre Costea.

This campaign is to be carried out concomitantly with the one for the referendum on issues related to the judicial system called by President Klaus Iohannis, reports.

  • PSD has focused on an aggressive and nationalist message, aiming at foreign companies, arguing Romania has become the garbage bin of Europe, whereas the officials in Brussels want to give orders to Bucharest;
  • PNL has more moderate nationalistic messages and is focused on the assault on the rule of law from PSD-ALDE ruling coalition, concomitantly with supporting the referendum called by the head of state;
  • The USR-PLUS Alliance has a radical message against PSD, with stress on the initiative called ‘no offenders in public offices’.
  • ALDE has a similar approach with PSD;
  • Pro Romania is trying to reinvent the PSD slogan ‘Proud to be Romanians, proud to be Europeans’. The piece of resistance is considered Corina Cretu, European Commissioner for Regional Development in the current term, who has repeatedly criticized the Government for not using the EU money to the Romanians’ benefit;
  • UDMR is focused on the message in favour of infrastructure projects and accessing the EU funds needed to develop the Hungarian minority communities, being more inclined to support the ruling coalition than joining the opposition forces;
  • PMP is critical against PSD and calls for unity in Romania and in Europe.

Under the pretext of promoting the campaigns of gathering signatures for the candidates, the political parties have displayed, all over the country, thousands of banners and tents with electoral messages. They have remained displayed even after submitting the lists of signatures to the Central Electoral Bureau.

The president of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) Constantin Mituletu Buica said recently that the parties displaying banners in public space, after April 26, which do not meet the regulation on propaganda for European Parliament election, will be sanctioned.



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  1. Bryan L Davidson says

    ‘No offenders in public offices’. is not a ‘radical message’.

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