State of emergency in force in Romania

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President Klaus Iohannis has signed on Monday that decree to declare state of emergency on Romania’s territory for 30 days to limit the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. During the state of emergency period exerting certain rights are constrained, but the measures are enforced gradually, depending on the situation.

According to the decree, prices for certain medicines, foodstuffs and basic necessities and public utility services (electricity, heat, gas, water supplies, sanitation, fuels, etc) could be capped, if needed, during the state of emergency.

At the same time, schools will be closed during this period.

Certain measures can be taken gradually if the situation get worse, but only after an evaluation by the Committee for Emergency Situations. Among these measures, there could be the temporary closure of some restaurants, hotels, cafes, clubs, or the gradual shut down of borders or the restriction or ban of circulation of vehicles and people to/in certain areas.

The pandemic can be stopped only through exceptional measures. These measures are related to the public health, but they also refer to restricting the exercise of some rights and liberties. This is the only way through which we can save the lives of our beloved ones. Schools will be closed to protect children, pupils and students. It is also very important to limit the financial burden on the citizens”, said the head of state in a press statement on Monday.

Iohannis said that prices for certain services can be capped within the limit of the average price in the past three months.

“Medical services to treat the coronavirus cases are granted to all citizens on Romania’s territory. For the people staying home, support measures will be further established. Affected employers and employees will be supported through exemptions from the legal provisions. Employees will benefit of social protection. The law provisions on granting days off for the parents do not apply to the employees in the Defence and medical system and other categories. These categories benefit of rises of salary if the other parent does not benefit of the rights envisaged in this law,” said Klaus Iohannis.

He added that people do not need to go to the HQs of the public institutions to file requests for various social benefits, announcing the applications can be filed online.

Measures in the healthcare sector

-hiring medical staff without contests.
-necessary medical equipment and medicines can be bought through direct acquisitions.
“A special message to doctors and medical staff: thank you all for your efforts, we are grateful to the work that you do. We took all actions to buy all necessary acquisitions expeditiously”, said Iohannis.

Economy sector

-the Government will announce soon a package of measures.

-production and the entire economy  must be ready to support the countering of the epidemic.

-the continuity of the public utility services will be ensured.

-decision to suspend all controls of the labour inspectors to companies.

Judiciary sector

-the activity will continue only in particular emergency cases.
-the list of priorities will be decided by the Supreme Court, while the Council of Superior Magistracy (CSM) will give the necessary guidelines.
-for the trials, courts can give short terms from one day to another, or even at the same day.


The Romanian President called on the citizens again to listen only the official messages, to strictly respect the hygiene rules, to avoid agglomeration, to limit traveling as much as they can and to keep social distancing.

“I am determined together with the Government to take the most drastic measures to protect the Romanians’ lives. The measures that have worked so far are among the most drastic ones, of social distancing. Countering the spread of coronavirus infections means a sustained effort and quick action,” President Iohannis explained.

He further detailed that the state of emergency can allow authorities, if necessary, to gradually and immediately adopt such measures as closing borders, closing restaurants, cafes or clubs, and to gradually ban the road, railway, air or naval traffic on certain routes.

Iohannis underlined these are extreme measures that have a direct impact on the daily life, mentioning that they will be temporary.

“All that we do is for the primordial goal to protect human lives. I will remained very involved and I will personally check if the measures are implemented. Our nation is going through difficult moments, but we are Romanians, a nation that history subdued to ordeals in the past and together we managed to overcome all. We are not alone today.  A global crisis needs global solutions, and the international effort is a huge one. We are confident that we’ll overcome this tough test”, Klaus Iohannis concluded.


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