Stoltenberg: NATO Remains Committed to Supporting Ukraine


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In the light of the new developments and recent missile attacks launched by Russia against Ukrainian cities, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that “defending NATO in light of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s increasingly violent rhetoric is the main subject as alliance defense ministers meet in Brussels”.

Stoltenberg, who spoke in advance of the meeting at NATO headquarters, said the leaders will review progress on strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defense.

He said that while the alliance is not party to the conflict, “our support is playing a key role. Allies remain united in their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and self-defense.”

“We will step up and sustain our support for Ukraine so that they can continue … to defend themselves, and liberate territory from Russian occupation,” the secretary general said. “Ukraine has the momentum, and continues to make significant gains.”

Stoltenberg noted the Russians are launching terror attacks on civilians and targeting critical infrastructure. “President Putin is failing in Ukraine,” he said. “His attempted annexations, partial mobilization and reckless nuclear rhetoric represent the most significant escalation since the start of the war, and they show that this war is not going as planned.”

The secretary general said the alliance message is clear: NATO will stand by Ukraine “for as long as it takes. President Putin started this war. He must end it by withdrawing his forces from Ukraine.”

He called on Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko to stop supporting Russia in the conflict. Lukashenko has said he will deploy joint forces to operate with the Russian military inside Belarus.

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