Stoltenberg: NATO to increase troop presence on the Eastern flank


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After Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference on Thursday that “peace on our continent has been shaken” and that “Russia is using force to try to rewrite history.”

“Peace on our continent has been shattered,” Stoltenberg told a news conference. “Russia is using force to try to rewrite history, and deny Ukraine its free and independent path.”

Stoltenberg also announced that the North Alliance would take new deterrence and defence steps by putting over 100 warplanes on high alert and further increase the presence of troops on its eastern flank in the upcoming days and weeks.

NATO Secretary-General said there would be a virtual emergency summit of the alliance’s 30 nations on Friday, and they would be joined by the leaders of Sweden, Finland and European Union institutions.

He reiterated that, as Ukraine is not a member of the alliance, no NATO troops will be sent in the country.

“We have no plans to send NATO troops in Ukraine. What we do is defensive,” he said, adding that NATO’s plan is to deploy capabilities and forces, including the NATO Response Force, to eastern European countries.

“NATO has decided today to activate our defense plans, which allow us to advance defensive troops where needed. The Allies have already deployed thousands of troops in eastern NATO. All show that our commitment to Article 5 – collective defense – is unwavering. We will protect our peoples and our values. Democracy will always defeat autocracy. NATO members have imposed severe sanctions on Russia.NATO measures are defensive, prudent and calculated,” Stoltenberg pointed out.

The NATO chief argued that they “had tried to prevent war by asking Russia to negotiate, but what happened showed that Russia rejects dialogue.”

He reiterated that there are no NATO troops in Ukraine. “I made it clear that we have no intention or plan to send troops to Ukraine. We will send more troops to the eastern member states of NATO. We do not see the possibility of an attack on NATO territory. NATO allies have provided aid to Ukraine over time.”

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