Surprise candidate for PNL chairman: Viorel Catarama vows to agree with gay marriages


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Liberal Viorel Catarama has filed on Tuesday the candidacy for PNL chairmanship, by supporting the motion ‘National policy – the liberal way. #Restart’. He said he wants to have the same success as Donald Trump and, if elected party chairman, will agree with gay marriages.

“I filed the candidacy and motion with 101 signatures. (…) My support comes from those who believe in me, who unconditionally support a right wing ideology. I am an independent man. I wish I have the same success as Donald Trump in the US, as I know this is the way to follow. We have to assume the ideology and to fight for it and for our electorate. I am a little Trump at this very moment. Right now my activity is in the PNL, whereas PNL has as objective to support President Klaus Iohannis to win a second term,” Catarama said on Tuesday.

He presented his motion to run for the PNL leadership: the abolition of all social benefits for all individuals able to work, the full privatization of higher education, the privatization of hospitals, except for the emergency ones, privatization of the social security system, the cut of red tape and of the number of state employees, removing the state from the administration of the economy, supporting the private system and the exports, adopting a minimum pension of EUR 200 for the elderly, sanctions for parents who neglect their children, adopting the EUR as currency, granting tax benefits to the church only for charity.

“If I am elected, PNL would agree to gay marriages and with adoptions by such families,” Catarama said.

He added he supports the cancelling of debts accumulated by the private media. “It seems to me as moral duty to place on the same level the state press and the private press and let them work independently, to make profit or die,” Catarama said.

He concluded by saying he will unconditionally support President Klaus Iohannis for a new term in office.


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