Survey: Liberals to alegedly win parliamentary elections with 47 pc

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A survey conducted by CSOP between December 13 and 18, 2014 reveals that PSD is rated with 34 per cent of votes when it comes to parliamentary elections.

According to the same poll, PNL would win the parliamentary elections (to take place at the end of 2016 – editor’s note) with 47 per cent, liberals reaching a record level of respondents’ preferences after Klaus Iohannis’ victory at the presidential elections. PSD would rank the second position with 34 per cent of votes.

Vote intention for the parliamentary elections is as follows, according to the CSOP survey quoted by Hotnews:

  • PNL: 47 per cent of respondents with a high probability of voting (30 per cent in October and 46 per cent in November)
  • PSD, PC, UNPR Alliance – 34 per cent (39 per cent in October and 32 per cent in November)
  • UDMR – 6 per cent (constant)
  • PRM – 3 per cent
  • PMP – 3 per cent (6 per cent in October and 4 per cent in November)
  • PPDD – 2 per cent

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,044 respondents through face to face interviews.

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  1. Ben Jager says

    Who are the liberals in Romania? The PNL and the PLD are christiandemocrats now! Only the PLR from Calin Popescu Tariceanu are liberals.

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