Survey: Over 5,000 local leaders change party in 45 days. PSD- the big winner, PNL and PDL-the great losers


Over 5,000 local leaders, 552 mayors included, have migrated to other political party after the adoption of the Government emergency ordinance 55/2014. The party that lured most of the political migrants (79 percent) was the Social Democrat Party (PSD), while the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) lost the highest number of mayors, an Expert Forum survey showed on Wednesday.

The draft law which allowed the mayors’ migration was adopted by the Senate on December 9, but the Constitutional Court rejected it as unconstitutional on December 17.

The Government adopted the controversial ordinance on August 28, allowing mayors, local and county councilors to opt for another party or another by October 17. But during this period, the mayors who wanted to leave for another party were allowed to do that without losing their mandates.

Most of the migrants were local councilors- 4,607, followed by mayors- 552 and county councilors- 184.

Following this legislative gap, the ruling party won 436 mayors and lost only four to other parties.

In exchange, PNL lost 265 mayors and won six, PDL lost 224 mayors and won just one. UNPR lost three mayors and won back 19, while PC lost ten mayors and won one.

As far as the small parties are concerned, PP-DD lost 24 mayors and won none, while the newly born Liberal Progressive Party, set up by former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, lured 34 mayors, out of which seven are from Prahova, and five each in Satu Mare, Maramures and Bistrita-Nasaud.

At the same time, 54 mayors chose to stay independent, 11 of them coming from Caras –Severin.

Expert Forum gathered the statistics from most of the prefect’s offices in the country. Yet, some refused to give these information, arguing they don’t have enough staff to gather the data or that the information are confidential.

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