Survey: PNL says it tops electoral preferences, PSD lags. Journalist Rares Bogdan to run on PNL list


PNL chairman Ludovic Orban has presented to his Liberal colleagues, on Thursday, during the Executive Bureau, an internal survey whereby his party tops the electoral preferences with 27.9% of preferences, while PSD lags at 24.6%, political sources say.

The survey was conducted at the end of February and beginning of March, informs.

The electoral preferences are: PNL – 27.9%, PSD – 24.6%, USR-PLUS Alliance – 16%, ALDE – 11.8%, Pro Romania – 6.7%.

About 78% believe Romania is heading to a wrong direction and 16.5% say the country is heading to a good direction.

PNL’s popularity has thus increased by 4% since December.

Orban argues the popularity has increased due to the battle fought for the state budget, allowances for children, popularization of the party’s activity.

The number of people who say they would go to the ballot has increased by 7%, Orban said, quoting the survey.

The survey also reads that journalist Rares Bogdan, who was proposed to be the first on PNL lists for European elections, has the capability to attract votes from USR-PLUS.

President Klaus Iohannis has 40% voting intentions for the Presidential elections, followed by Gabriela Firea – 21%, Calin Popescu Tariceanu – 18%, Dacian Ciolos – 9%.

Journalist Rares Bogdan to run on PNL list for European elections

Journalist Rareş Bogdan, from Realitatea TV private broadcaster, said on Thursday he would open the PNL list in the European Parliamentary elections, saying he made this decision so that the party would become the first one in Romania.

“I decided to run on top of the list for PNL. I am running so that PNL becomes the first party in Romania for the first time in post-December history. On May 26, PNL has a historic chance to be the first political party in Romania. I do not want any position in the party, I’m simply a party member with District 1 Bucharest. The positions in the party are for the deserving. If the party members believe I may bring a plus, they will decide. For now, I do not want a position in the party,” said Rareş Bogdan.

The list of PNL candidates for the European Parliament elections was voted on Thursday by the PNL Executive Bureau, according to some liberal sources.

The vote was secret. There were 32 votes in favour, one against, the sources say. Two votes were void.

The list also includes, according to the mentioned sources: Mircea Hava, Siegfried Muresan, Vasile Blaga, Adina Vălean, Daniel Buda, Dan Motreanu, Gheorghe Falcă, Cristian Buşoi, Marian Jean Marinescu, Vlad Nistor, Mihai Ţurcanu and Violeta Alexandru.


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