Tajani: Kovesi is the EP’s candidate for EPPO. Jourova asks for fair game in the selection process, slamming vilification attempts against Kovesi

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The European Parliament president, Antonie Tajani has announced on Twitter on Friday that Laura Codruta Kovesi is endorsed by EP for the position of European chief prosecutor.

Laura Codruta Kovesi is the @Europarl_EN candidate for the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. She has all the qualities needed to do a very good job. We need more exemplary women as she is in leadership positions,” reads Tajani’ Twitter post.

Tajani has also attached a letter he had sent to George Ciamba, as „President-in-office of the Council fo European Union”, in which he openly and officially announces the Romanian authorities that the European Union is endorsing Kovesi for this position.

At the meeting on 7 March, the Conference of Presidents decided that Ms Laura Codruta Kovesi is the candidate of Parliament and mandated a team of three negotiators (…) to support this position in the forthcoming discussions with the Council on the appointment of the European Chief Prosecutor,” reads Tajani’s letter, also reminding that Kovesi has outranked her counterparts: French Jean – Francois Bonhert and German Andres Ritter during vote in the LIBE and CONT committees hearings on February 28.

At the same time, in a joint press conference with the Romanian Justice Minister after JHA meeting in Brussels on Friday, European Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova has called on everyone involved in the selecting procedure of the European chief prosecutor “to play fair and not to attempt to discredit and undermine any of the candidates”.

Everybody must follow the rules of fairness in the appointment procedure of the chief prosecutor of the European Union. She argued that nobody should discredit or undermine the position of any of the candidates for this position, thus referring to the criticism of the incumbent ruling power in Bucharest against the Romanian candidate, Laura Codruta Kovesi.

A selection process that includes an independent committee, the parliament and the council is guaranteeing a neutral assessment of all candidates and everybody must respect that, Jourova pointed out.

Asked by the journalists if Kovesi’s prosecution still makes her eligible for the EPPO office, Vera Jourova declined to answer, arguing she doesn’t want to answer a question that starts with “if” for she won’t influence the trial.

Later on, questioned to which candidate is referring when talking about vilification attempts, she replied “Mrs. Kovesi”, Digi24 reports. She also said yes when asked again if a discrediting campaign has taken place in Romania against Laura Codruta Kovesi.

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