Tariceanu agrees Ponta’s proposal on PSD-ALDE–Pro Romania common candidate for Presidency. Dancila’s retort

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Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu (ALDE chairman) has stated on Monday that, in his view, the vest solution for the presidential election is a PSD – ALDE – PRO Romania common candidate, a proposal already advanced by Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta.

Together with Mr. Ponta we have have reviewed the options at hand for the presidential election. I confirm what he said. Yes, I think the best solution is indeed to have a common candidate”, Tariceanu said, adding “a decision in this regard will be taken soon”.

Normally, the time is pressing us and we must take this decision as soon as possible in the upcoming period”, the ALDE chair stated.

In retort on a common candidate, PM Viorica Dancila, newly elected as PSD chairwoman, has said that “we’ll see what is the agreed formula” depending on the results of the opinion polls.

Questioned to comment on the Tariceanu-Ponta’s talks, Dancila replied: “There must be democracy in politics. You can negotiate with any party. We cannot limit a party’s right to discuss with other political parties. I have worked in Brussels nine years and for any amendment, any directive we used to have negotiations with all political groups, expect for the extremist parties”.

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