Tariceanu, Ponta split over alliance. Pro Romania leader: No decision yet, just progress in talks

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ALDE leader Călin Popescu Tăriceanu announced on Facebook that ALDE and Victor Ponta’s party, Pro Romania had agreed on a political alliance for the upcoming elections.

The two parties will have common parliamentary groups. We’ll be the third political force in Parliament after PSD and PNL,” Tariceanu posted on Facebook.

However, few hours later, Tăriceanu has amended the Facebook post after Victor Ponta had also reacted, practically contradicting Tăriceanu and saying there had been just talks and that no decision had been taken. After Ponta’s message, Tăriceanu replaced the phrase “we decided a future collaboration”, by “we discussed on a future collaboration”.

Former SocDem premier Victor Ponta has promptly replied to Calin Popescu Tăriceanu that there had been progress made in their talks, but that no decisions had been taken yet. Ponta resumed the message sent on July 22 that he is willing to discuss a common project with ALDE, if Tăriceanu’s party leaves the incumbent ruling coalition.

On July 22 I said <Yes> if ALDE leaves the ruling we are willing to discuss a common political project! Today a lot of progress has been made in this direction! We have not taken any decisions! When more people are sitting at the same table and have good intentions, there are high chances for success! The way the country is being ruled need a huge change! A total <RESET> of the public administration and of the economic direction! We have to find solutions and people able to enforce that!“, Ponta explained.

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