Tariceanu: Romania has become, with DNA’s help, the most corrupt country in Europe

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ALDE Chairman, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, also Senate Speaker, has said on Tuesday that with the high number of files handled by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), mainly for abuse of office, Romania has become to be considered as the most corrupt country in Europe.

“Of the files handled by DNA on corruption, I believe 90% of them are for abuse of office, which is considered an offence related to corruption. Others are not accused directly, but or indirect involvement to abuse of office. Such things have turned Romania into a deplorable example, the most corrupt country in Europe by the number of reported corruption cases, with the support of DNA. We make reports and others imagine the horrors,” Tariceanu said during a press conference in Cluj, together with ALDE Senator Marius Nicoara and Deputy Steluta Cataniciu, ALDE branch chairman, adevarul.ro reports.

Tariceanu explained the reason for amending the criminal codes.

“The criminal codes and the criminal procedure codes, instead of being put on parliamentary debate before adoption, they were drawn up in offices or labs by groups of specialists. (…) They were not adopted fast forward, but by emergency ordinance. In the past years, we’ve seen some made by real specialists, meaning judges, university professors, with critical comments against these codes. Moreover, we’ve noticed that these codes have led to abuses of justice in the past years. The easiest example is the one of abuse of office. As you know, in other European countries the abuse of office is not even incriminated,” the Senate Speaker said.






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