Tel Drum wins new auction worth RON 10m from Teleorman County Council, USR counselor says

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Clotilde Armand, USR counselor with the District 1 City Hall, informs that Tel Drum, insolvent company sued for defrauding European money, has won an auction worth RON 10 million from the Teleorman County Council. Armand wrote on her Facebook page and posted a screen capture from the Electronic System of Public Procurement (SEAP) to prove the information, ziare,com reports.

“With Tel Drum figures on the table, Dragnea’s future looks good! Tel Drum has just won an auction worth RON 10 million from the Teleorman County Council,” Clotilde Armand wrote. She also wrote that the amount could pay the pensions of 10,000 people, help build two oncological hospitals or 100 new schools.

Tel Drum is included in a DNA file following an OLAF investigation on frauds with European money in the field of road construction, which recommends the recovery of the entire sum of EUR 21 million.

In the Tel Drum file, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is criminally investigated for setting up an organized criminal group, abuse of office and offenses of misappropriation of funds in connection with favouring the company in view of granting it contracts. The offenses were made when Dragnea was President of the Teleorman County Council.

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