Tensions in the ruling coalition following cutbacks in the ministries’ budgets


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USR-PLUS ministers are allegedly discontent with the new draft budget for 2021, after finding that less money had been allotted to their ministries than they had agreed within the ruling Coalition, political sources told the mainstream media.

Ministers of Health, Economy, Transports and European Funds, all coming from USR-PLUS, are having tensed talks with PM Florin Citu.

According to the draft budget law revealed by the press, an example of cutback would be for the support of HoReCa industry, for which USR-PLUS had allegedly asked RON 2.5 billion and they got RON 1 billion instead. The budget of the National Healthcare House would have been diminished by RON 3 billion.

The National Healthcare House is under the authority of Health minister, Vlad Voiculescu.

The cutback at the Transports Ministry, led by Catalin Drula would mount to RON 800 million.

PNL chairman Ludovic Orban stated before the Government sitting that: “Any minister should understand the current situation. Each minister must stay within a certain budget framework”, the Liberal leader said, arguing that the Gov’t must fit in the 7% deficit target and to cut expenses.

On the other hand, the Executive seems to have postponed the cuts of the public employees’ bonuses, as it had been announced several days ago. Governmental sources told Digi24 that a decision on the bonuses has been delayed for an analysis is needed over the impact of these bonus cuts on the wages of public employees who are not in executive positions. A decision in this respect might be taken in several months, probably though a bill amending the Salary Law.

The emergency ordinance to be adopted today only stipulates the cut of the Covid bonus of 30% of the wages received by the employees of the prefect’s offices, the cut of the holiday vouchers for 2021, a cut by 50% of the students’ transport subsidies.

The upcoming GEO is also to comprise the provision of freezing the pension point until 2023 and 2024. So, pensions will not increase this year.

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