The 4th military ordinance: Energy, gas and fuel prices capped. People who break isolation rules placed under quarantine at their expense

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The authorities have announced a new military ordinance enforcing new rules and restrictions to tackle the novel coronavirus pandemic in Romania.

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said that one measure allows elderly over 65 to leave their house apart for the time frame previously set from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs; they can leave their residence at any hour providing that they can solve their medical problems.

People over 65 are allowed to go out between 11,00hrs and 13,00hrs to get the necessary goods and food, while retailers must facilitate their access in commercial premises during this interval.

At the same time, people over 65 can also go out between 20,00hrs and 21,00hrs to ensure the needs of pets or domestic animals, without the need to fill in an affidavit.

Another measure in Ordinance 4 provides that those who break the rules of home isolation will be placed in quarantine and will be forced to cover all the expenses.

On the other hand, the Interior Minister announced that prices for electricity, heat, natural gas, water supply, sanitation and fuel cannot be increased over the level existing on the date of issuance of the current military ordinance. These prices can only decrease, depending on offer and demand, they cannot be increased in any circumstance, Minister Vela stressed.

There are also new requirements for drivers of over 2.4 tonne trucks, pilots and navigating staff in the epidemic context, provided in Ordinance 4.

Drivers entering the country, those who drive everything with a tonnage greater than 2.4 tonnes, have three options to protect their families and themselves, either the employer provides them with a place to isolate themselves, between trips, but not more than 14 days, or they make a statement that they isolate at home with their family or in another dwelling space they own, or the local authorities provide quarantine facilities on request to ensure the protection of the drivers’ families (…), supporting the cost of accommodation in these hotel spaces,” said minister Vela, adding that the same must be applied in the case of pilots and navigating crew.

The minister said that, starting Tuesday, March 31, local public administration authorities are compelled to set up disinfectant devices at the entrance of all blocks of flats and will periodically carry out pest control activities on staircases, in lifts and other common spaces.

The Interior Minister also pointed out that the interdiction provided in Ordinance 3 on the movement of persons in a group larger than three is exclusively applied to pedestrian circulation.

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