The aftermath of EP elections in social media

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This spring all eyes were on the European Union, thanks to the EP elections. There is always a big media buzz about the campaigns and the debates prior to the voting. But what did internet user think about the results and how they reacted to it? Text and media analysis company Neticle knows the answers and will present it now.

Neticle has collected every content in which at least one of the six main parties in Romania (PSD, PNL, USR-PLUS? Pro Romania, UDMR, PMP) were mentioned and their system automatically analysed the hits. The overall number of mentions were very broad. Of course, people talked about PSD the most (460,178) and PMP was mentioned the least frequently (4,928). Neticle’s daily mention graph shows very well how the parties’ media presence peaked on the days around the election and once it was over, their average daily number of mentions got lower than it was before the voting. It seems like that once the EP campaign was over, the parties did not keep the media buzz up.

Daily amount of mentions

As we can see on the platform distribution chart, the majority of the mentions were generated on Facebook, press coverage got a bit left behind. It means that regular internet users’ opinion were highly influential on the overall results of the analysis.

Distribution of mentions by platform

The overall judgement of the parties are in sync with Neticle’s past experiences, meaning political parties and topics always tend to have the most negative, critical reputation. PSD’s reputation dropped the most significantly but basically all the main parties’ judgement got worse after the elections. Let’s see the reasons why in the case of PSD and PNL, the big seat winners of the elections.

The parties’ reputation

In connection with the social democrats, the most criticism was with the voting itself, while negative feelings like sadness came up as one of the most frequent connecting topics. Many people said they were “incompetent” to have the majority of the Romanian seats in the European Parliament. In the meantime, they were also mentioned together with PNL a lot. When it comes to the National Liberal Party, their reputation did not drop that radically but there were still room for internet user complaints. Besides the average dissatisfaction with the results of the elections, pension came up as a major negative connecting topic. Apparently, in 1256 cases people strongly opposed of the “special pension” idea, mostly saying it is only a trick to win over more votes.

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