The earnings of Klaus and Carmen Iohannis in 2017

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The wage incomes of President Klaus Iohannis and his wife Carmen have fallen, while the earnings from rents have increased, according to the head of state’s wealth statement, posted on the Presidential Administration website.

Klaus Iohannis’ wage earnings dropped last year, to earnings of RON 169,646 (EUR 36,400), against RON 196,155 (EUR 42,000) in 2016.

Carmen Iohannis also earned less money from wages, the president’s wife earning a total of RON 25,075(EUR 5,380), compared to RON 28,122 (EUR 6,035) in 2016.

In return, the revenues from rents increased. If in the previous wealth statement the head of state wrote that he received RON 19,017 (EUR 4,080), the last statement shows revenues of RON 29,529 (EUR 6,337).

The President has an account of RON 170,000 (EUR 36,500), and there is a decrease compared to 2016, when he had RON 221,000 (EUR 47,400).

At the same time, Klaus Iohannis mentions in the wealth statement that he has received RON 31,026 (EUR 6,660) from intellectual property rights.

The head of state owns together with his wife two apartments and three dwelling houses in Sibiu.


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