The EC Representation to Romania – hint post on vitamin D after Dragnea’s statement

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The Representation of the European Commission in Bucharest has posted on Facebook excerpts from a study on vitamin D, after the chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) has announced a programme through which vitamin D is granted to all children free of any charge. Yet, vitamin D is already free of any charge for the children in Romania.

According to the study mentioned by the EC Representation, food rich in vitamin D are recommended particularly in the winter, while research on nutrition among vulnerable age groups are necessary to make recommendations on nutrition.

Researchers recommend food rich in vitamin D, particularly in the winter months, that should include such products as eggs, fat fish and mushrooms, reads a study financed by the European Union and released in 2017”, reads the post of the EC Representation.

Researches on nutrition among vulnerable age groups should be carried out in order to make recommendations typical to a certain life stage for the nutrients intake”, the post further says.

I want a reasonable sum from the budget of the intelligence services to be relocated to the Healthcare for vital programmes, especially for children. A programme for free vitamin D that is an important vitamin for the human being, can be considered a national security programme as well,” Dragnea said on Sunday.

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