The final list of journalists to attend Klaus Iohannis’ debate this evening


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President Klaus Iohannis will meet journalists, political analysts and representatives of the civil society today in a debate organised by the National Liberal Party and hosted at the “Carol I” Central University Library at 7 p.m. The debate is held several days before the presidential election runoff.

The final list with the journalists attending the debate this evening has been released: Ramona Avramescu, Clarice Dinu, Moise Guran, Ion M. Ioniţă, Cristian Leonte, Silviu Mănăstire, Cristian Pîrvulescu, Cristina Şincai and Radu Tudor, representing the state TV broadcaster and other private radio and TV stations, but also newspapers and online news websites.

The debate is a first in Romania for the presidential electoral campaign, with the participants being able to approach any topics they find of concern for the public opinion, reads a PNL press release.

President Iohannis will also have four of his advisers attending, as well as eight members of his campaign staff, and around 203 students. “It is a debate following the American or French pattern”, Liberal MEP Rares Bogdan explained on Monday.

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