The final vote in Parliament on the quarantine law postponed for Monday

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The Senate has delayed the final vote on the new quarantine law for Monday, despite the Liberals’ insistence for the law to come into force as soon as possible. The law would impose new rules on quarantine, isolation and hospitalization of the COVID-19 patients.

On the other side, Social Democrats claimed that a delay was needed for they had been working until late at night and that the law articles debated yesterday must be revised so that the final version of the law should be the best and in order to pass the test at  the Constitutional Court.

On the opposite side, Liberals replied that many of the issues reclaimed by the constitutional judges had been already solved.

After having voted the quarantine law in the Chamber of Deputies, PSD interim chairman Marcel Ciolacu has criticised the draft on Friday, claiming that his party has removed “tens of bad things” from the law and has found out more “legal horrors”, thus arguing the draft must be rediscussed by the Senate.

In retort, PM Ludovic Orban has slammed the PSD’s move on Saturday, saying he is “at his wit’s end” on this topic. He accused PSD “of being obstinate to make things difficult” for the Gov’t, although this law is a must.

“Delaying the law means a dramatic rise of the risk of infection. In all democratic countries in the world the authorities have the quarantine and isolation at hand so that patients can be treated under medical control (…) There is the risk that the infected people or those suspected of being infected to wander freely without authorities being able to take steps to contain the virus. I cannot understand why the adoption of this vital bill is being delayed. I cannot understand why PSD is so obstinate in stalling, in making things difficult for us. It is an indispensable law under the current circumstances. I am at my wit’s end,” PM Ludovic Orban said.

French newspaper “Le Monde” covered the story of the Romanian Constitutional Court’s ruling against the quarantine and self-isolation, with the headline “Protecting against COVID-19 is unconstitutional in Romania”.

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