The goal of USR-PLUS Alliance is to win all elections, USR leader Dan Barna says


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Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna says that the USR-PLUS Alliance wants to win the presidential election this autumn, given that their candidate is to be chosen in the coming weeks. Barna suggests that replacing Klaus Iohannis from Cotroceni would be in the European trend of political reconstruction. He added that, over long term, USR and PLUS could merge, as they have the same DNA.

In an interview for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster, Dan Barna said “my goal and the goal of the Alliance is to win all election we run in. I don’t want to bid foolishly.”

Barna stressed that a decision on the person to run would be made in the coming weeks. Regarding an alleged final race between their candidate and Klaus Iohannis, Barna says “it would be for the first time in Romania to have a positive campaign. Until now we had to choose between bad and less bad.”

He added that entire Europe is changing the political energy and USR-PLUS is answering the new dynamics.

Asked about the general election, Barna expressed hope that an alliance between USR-PLUS and PNL would be enough to build the government.


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