The last decisions of Dancila Gov’t: Controversial people named at the helm of important institutions

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On the last day spent as PM at Victoria Palace, Viorica Dăncilă has released several people from office, and named new ones at the helm of some major public institutions, dubbed as people close to the Social Democrat leaders.

Such an example is Bogdan Ionut Dintoi, named for a 5-year mandate at the helm of the Anti-Fraud Department. Dintoi is considered close to Rovana Plumb. Dintoi, a policeman by profession, has worked at the Valcea county Police Inspectorate and was named by Rovana Plumb in management positions in the ministries she ran in the past: Environment and Labour ministries.

Another controversial appointment is the new vice-president of the National Office for Preventing and Countering Money Laundering, Constantin Ilie Aprodu, for a 4-year mandate. He is a retired military, boasting an annual pension of over RON 100,000. At the same time, Aprodu is member of the Retired Military Staff Association from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). He was secretary general in the Agriculture Ministry and is considered an acquaintance of former Interior minister and deputy PM Gabriel Oprea.

At the same time, Viorica Dăncilă gave the deputy secretary general position within the Finance Ministry to Liliana Mincă, who, although an ALDE member, remained in the Government after Tariceanu‘s party left the government at the end of August.

Controversial appointments have been also made across hospitals. Ex-Health minister Sorina Pintea named a political protege at the helm of Fundeni Hospital, a major medical unit in Bucharest and Romania. Adriana Cotel, known as Darius Valcov’s person, having no expertise in the medical and management fields, has been named interim manager at Fundeni.

Adriana Cotel had been also appointed head of the National House for Health Insurances (CNAS) early this year, but she was released from office in June, together with Mihaela Triculescu, president of ANAF. Both of them were close people to Darius Valcov, the resigned economic adviser to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

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