The Liberals’ plan to trigger snap elections


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The National Liberal Party’s plan to trigger early elections rules out the option of Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stepping down from office.

“The prime minister has no reason to resign. Our plan rules out such option,”  said the leader of Liberal deputies, Florin Roman when asked whether or not PM Ludovic Orban’s resignation could pave the way for early elections.

Everything that PNL has pledged for in the electoral campaign will be delivered, be it special pensions, two-round local elections, or the abolition of the Special Section. (…) There is the constitutional procedure of taking responsibility and there is also the procedure of emergency ordinances,” said Roman.

He was asked whether the promises would be the subject of government taking responsibility for their fulfillment or passing an emergency ordinance to the same end.

There was a discussion at the Executive Bureau convention (…) about early elections. Basically, convening an extraordinary session is linked to this step,” Roman mentioned.

The PNL leader stated that local elections could be held sometime during May 24, and July 14, the latest

We will announce the schedule in a few days , because we endorse early general elections,” he added.

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