The mayor of Bucharest notifies DNA over illegal bonuses at the Municipal Sports Club (CSM Bucharest)


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The general mayor of the capital, Nicușor Dan, announced that he will notify the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) for irregularities detected at the Municipal Sports Club (CSM Bucharest) following an inspection by the Control Body that targeted the activity of the CSM in the period 2017-2022. According to the mayor, it is about the awarding of bonuses totaling 1,076,330 lei to employees who were not entitled to this money.

The Capital City Hall said that in 2018, CSM paid bonuses totaling 1,076,330 lei to employees who were not entitled to this money, more precisely to administrative staff. Bonuses for winning competitions could be awarded according to the legislation in force at that time only to athletes and technical teams (coaches, doctors, physiotherapists).

A substantial part of the total amount paid to the administrative staff, namely 190,965 lei, was collected in several installments by the general director of the CSM Gabriela Szabo, also in the form of a bonus.

At the same time, the Control Body also identified a possible conflict of interest generated by a contract concluded by the club’s management in 2018 with a company with which Gabriela Szabo later concluded, in the same year, a copyright assignment contract.

In addition to these problems, it was also found that the successive reorganizations of the institution, made in 2017-2019, were deficient, not leading to an improvement in the activity.Litigation from the period 2018-2022 generated costs of 2,928,065 lei representing expenses with lawyers. To these are added compensations and court costs in the amount of 1,722,852 lei (up to this point).

Also, no database was found of the number of athletes, by section and by age, so all the figures provided to the PMB for the 2018-2022 range were unsubstantiated approximations.

In addition, there is no procedure regarding the transfer of athletes, regarding the criteria to be considered in the process of selecting an athlete, how to approximate the value of an athlete, a fact that has led to financial losses over time “.

On June 3, the Bucharest mayor announced that he dismissed Gabriela Szabo from the management of CSM Bucharest, saying that the main reason is related to the poor results recorded by the Bucharest sports club in the last period.

I made the decision to change the management of the Bucharest Municipal Sports Club. The general director of the CSM, Gabriela Szabo, will be seconded to lead the Dalles Center, and in her place one of the deputy directors will be appointed interim. 

The current management missed competitive objectives, caused the departure of valuable people and had a faulty management (hasty decisions and without consultation, but also procrastination in making other decisions, the inability to harmonize internal relations, conflicting approaches in the interactions with the heads of the sports sections)” , Nicuşor Dan said back then.

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