The National Anticorruption Strategy – centred on four values, Justice Minister says

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The National Anticorruption Strategy 2016-2020 will lay stress on prevention and transparency, and its purpose is to promote integrity, by more rigorously applying the regulatory and institutional framework, Justice Minister Raluca Pruna said during a public debate on the issue, reports.

She added that the new strategy is centred on four values, regarding both central and local administrations and is to be applied for good governance.

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna said “there are four values the new strategy is centred on, namely the public interest and its first place against private interests of those in public offices, integrity, transparency of decisions and, not least, political will. The strategy’s novelty is that we focus on prevention, so that we prevent corruption deeds, while the philosophy of the entire strategy is this – any corruption deed investigated by the prosecutors, means it is a management failure.”

The minister stressed the strategy is on public debate, is to be officially launched at Victoria Palace as of July 19.

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