The new UK ambassador in Bucharest: “I am here to listen, learn and understand”


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Andrew Noble, the new British ambassador in Bucharest, has held the first press conference since taking office, stating he is here to listen, learn and understand, when referring to the current situation in Romania. He said that political life „is turbulent” everywhere in the world.

Everywhere in the world political life is turbulent. I cannot discuss Romania’s political situation because I don’t know it. I have read extensively, I’ve heard a lot but until now I haven’t experienced anything and I’m here to listen, I hope to learn and I hope to understand. (…) It is almost a normal situation,”  the new ambassador of UK to Romania told the press conference.

Questioned on the recent Diaspora rally in Bucharest on August 10 and its developments, Andrew Noble replied he had not talked to many people in Romania yet, explaining that “the most important aspect” for a diplomat is “to listen.”

I am new here. I haven’t talked to many people from Romania so far. (…) I only presented my letters of credence with the Foreign Affairs Ministry on Thursday and I am here to learn, listen and understand,” the new envoy pointed out.

However, he stressed that he would not be „a serious diplomat” if he made remarks on the home affairs in Romania right from the start of his mandate.

Andrew Noble was part of the team of the British Embassy in Bucharest before in the 80s, he was actually the youngest member of the diplomatic team. He then spent three years in our country, between 1983-1986, as second and third secretary.

In his view, Romania is very different from how it was 30 years ago, and the people’s lives are very different as well. He recounted that the 80s were tough both for Romanians and also for the diplomats accredited to Bucharest back then.

He returned to Romania a month ago, first in Iasi, where he followed up his Romanian language courses initially started in London in January.

In the past years, he was accredited to Bonn, Cape Town, Athens and Berlin. Before being appointed as ambassador to Romania, he was ambassador to Algeria during 2014-2017. Andrew Noble is married and has four children.

The new ambassador adopts bear from Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary

Andrew Noble also announced he had adopted a bear from the Bear Sancturary in Zarnesti, praising Romania’s environmental wealth and saying the new member of his family will deepen the relation of his children with Romania. The adopted bear is named Hansel.

The new ambassador thinks the beauty of the country is much more known and praised now than it used to be in the past. Back then, people knew about Dracula and the Bran Castle, but now the relationship is more intelligent: British talk about Sighisoara and Vlad the Impaler, ambassador Noble says.

He further pointed out that the Presidency of the EU Council to be taken over by Romania will be an opportunity that all links existing with our country should be used.

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