The US Embassy in Bucharest issues remarks on the relations with Republic of Moldova. Senate prepares draft statement

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The US Embassy in Bucharest has replied to the request for a position after the statements made by the US Ambassador in Chisinau James Pettit.

“In answer to your query below, the United States has long supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. The United States applauds Romania for its continued leadership and collaborative approach to support Moldova’s democratic development, reform efforts, and further integration into the EU according to the desires of the people of Moldova. Furthermore, the United States policy with regard to Moldova is to partner with Moldova to support its democratic and economic development.  Drawing broader interpretations of our policy goes beyond the scope of our policy.‎”

The recent statements of the US Ambassador in Chisinau, James Pettit, that Republic of Moldova is not Romania, but must remain a sovereign and independent state, within secure borders, have stirred the waters in Moldova and Romania. In Moldova an online petition calling for the diplomat’s expulsion has been launched.

Street protests took place on Tuesday downtown Bucharest and Chisinau. In Bucharest about 2,000 history books were collected at the University Square fountain in order to be sent to the US Embassy in Chisinau after the recent statements made by the US Ambassador James Pettit.

Senate Speaker asks parties to sign an interpellation to President Obama and the Department of State

The Senate of Romania “rejects unequivocally as void the statements of the US Ambassador to Chisinau,” James Pettit, who recently said that “Moldova is not Romania”, regardless if they represent a personal opinion or the official position of the Government or the US Senate and waits for a ‘clarifying’ response from the US in connection with these statements, reads a draft statement of the upper house of Parliament signed by Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, sent for information to the Foreign Policy Committee and to the parliamentary groups.

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