Third recording with Adrian Tutuianu, revealed. PSD Deputy Chairman: EUR 2m paid to one private TV broadcaster, Dan Voiculescu awaits amnesty bill

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A third recording, having PSD Deputy Chairman, Adrian Tutuianu, as main speaker, was revealed by Romania TV private broadcaster Thursday evening. Tutuianu reportedly was saying that PSD had paid EUR 2 million to Antena 3 TV so that certain political leaders are not invited to talk-shows. On the other hand, Dan Voiculescu allegedly expected an amnesty bill in order to run for the European elections.

“Why is, for example, Antena 3 TV so aggressive against us? Because his son-in-law is sentenced to three years. It’s Alexandrescu, in the RCS-RDS file. Voiculescu would want to see his 10-year sentence amnestied so that he could run in European election. We could not go to Antena 3TV because EUR 2 million was paid for advertising three days before. I was scheduled to attend the talk-show with Alessandra Stoicescu (TV anchor – our note) on Thursday at 18.00h. They no longer wanted me there. Then Paul Stanescu was to go to Alexandra Stoicescu. At 11.00h they said ‘yes’ then, at 14.00h she called him to say ‘I am sorry, the TV management does not allow me to get involved in this’. I did not want to go to Realitatea TV,” Tutuianu said, according to a recording.

“This is a lie! I never talked to Mr. Stanescu for a talk-show and I haven’t cancelled any show! Call Mr. Stanescu and ask him when he talked to me the last time,” Alessandra Stoicescu replied, according to

Further on, the recording revealed Tutuianu recalling a meeting in Gaesti and the fact that PSD deputy secretary general, Codrin Stefanescu, made calls in the country. Stefanescu says “it’s a total make up.”

Tutuianu was saying that he had sworn at Codrin Stefanescu because he was calling the leaders in the country telling them to challenge his decisions.

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