Timmermans: CVM, maintained for Romania, Bulgaria as long as it’s necessary


European Commission First Vice-President, Frans Timmermans said in Ruse, Bulgaria on Thursday that EC will maintain the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) for Romania and Bulgaria for as long as it’s necessary, comparing the situation to a medicine that you give up to when you are healthy not when you set up a deadline for that.

“I now that president Juncker said he would like CVM to be concluded by the end of his term, this is the European Commission’s position, but you know it’s like medicines. You don’t stop the treatment for you set a deadline. You stop it only if you are healthy. I think CVM has a good contribution, I think it’s welcomed in Romania and Bulgaria. It’s a cooperation mechanism, there is no one from Brussels telling people what they have to do, but it’s also a verification mechanism in order to see if the member states are doing what they have promised. The Commission will go on with the CVM as long as it’s necessary,” Timmermans told a press conference in Ruse where he attended a dialogue with the citizens, next to the Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev and Romanian Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc.

The European top official will be in Bucharest on Friday to meet president Klaus Iohannis, PM Victor Ponta, MPs from the European Affairs committee, judiciary authorities and organizations.

Questioned what his arguments are for CVM lifting, Romanian Justice minister denied he had ever asked for such thing, yet adding this process had better have a purpose after Romania and Bulgaria fulfilled their commitments. Asked about the Criminal Code amendment attempts, widely slammed in Bucharest and among foreign chancelleries, Cazabciuc avoided answering, only mentioning the Criminal Procedure Code, that ‘both chambers of the Parliament passed in only two weeks following a quite consistent dialogue with the lawmakers.’




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