Toader: “I am not at war with any body, just cannot accept the latest lies”. President Iohannis expected to announce decision on the proposed gov’t reshuffle

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Resigning Justice minister Tudorel Toader has got back on Facebook to retort Transport minister Razvan Cuc’s accusations.

A mere clarification! Through these retorts, I am not at war with anybody, I just cannot accept those many lies lately! P.S. This message will be deleted in one hour!”, says Toader’s post.

The resigning JusMin has previously replied to Transport minister Cuc that the Justice Ministry has not blocked the ordinance on public procurement. “There is no bill sent for an opinion regarding the ordinance on the public procurement in the Justice Ministry’s records,” said Toader.

Transport minister said that he had got several observations from the Justice Ministry on the public procurement draft, including a request to have the CSAT opinion.

PSD leaders have stripped Toader of the political support last Wednesday for the Justice portfolio. After several meetings with PM Dancila and after the revocation proposal had been sent to the Presidency, Toader announced his resignation on Facebook.

PM Viorica Dancila has tried to talk on the phone with President Iohannis, but the head of state did not answer, as he was in a meeting. According to Digi24 sources, the President sent the premier a message, saying they will discuss later.

The premier intends to convince President Iohannis to agree the government reshuffle as proposed by the ruling party last week, meaning to replace resigning Justice minister Toader by Eugen Nicolicea, European Funds minister Rovana Plumb by Oana Florea and Diaspora minister Natalia Intotero by Liviu Tit Brailoiu.

President Klaus Iohannis has just announced he will make press statements at 5 p.m. today.


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