Toni Grebla, the judge prosecuted for corruption, won’t resign from Constitutional Court

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Constitutional Court (CC) judge Toni Grebla, recently prosecuted for influence peddling and receipt of undue benefits in a corruption case, won’t resign from the CC, arguing he is not guilty of any charges. For now he has put in for leave as of January 27.

“He won’t resign as he says none of the charges are true and they cannot trigger any conviction. He won’t take part in the judgment activity during this period,” CC president, Augustin Zegrean said on Monday.

According to Zegrean, the only way to decide on Toni Grebla’s incompatibility with his incumbent position would be the existence of a document at the Trade Register Office certifying that the judge has also practicing other commercial activities.

However, the Constitutional Court leadership tends to take Grebla’s word for it, as it doesn’t seem keen to check up his statements. “We could ask for this document (editor note. At the Trade Register Office) if we suspected there is such a paper. As long as he says he is not involved at all…. Do you know what false witness means? Five more years in jail,” the Constitutional Court president concluded.

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