Tough talks between PM and Transport Minister on Tarom’s losses

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Prime Minister Mihai Tudose today has rebuked Transport Minister Razvan Cuc during the Government meeting regarding the losses of RON 104 million recorded by Romania’s flag carrier in the first six months of this year, almost four times higher than in the same period of the year last.

Tudose reproached Cuc the extention of the four-month mandate of Eugen Davidoiu, Tarom’s General Manager, although the company did not see any financial improvements under his mandate and although important acquisitions have been made.

”Do I understand that you trust him and that together you make a team that assumes what’s there? RON 104 million losses in H1. CFR Marfa is losing money. CFR Calatori, as well. I understand it is a very ’good team’, but you do not go in the right direction,” Prime Minister Tudose stated.

”I want to tell you that Tarom operated in June with two less aircraft, which reduced the flight capacity. At the same time, following the commercial decisions that were taken in 2016, some routes were canceled, routes that are now resuming due to their new flight capacity,” Razvan Cuc explained in turn.

Cuc also announced that there will be several evaluations of Tarom staff and that there will be layoffs in the coming period.

“Let me not believe you anymore. I have little confidence in what you’re telling me about,” PM Tudose replied.

Minister Cuc was also rebuked for not sending ministerial staff to check the works on highways. The prime minister said that Government employees carried out site inspections and that no MT representative was on highways.


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