Traian Basescu – elected PMP chairman

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The extraordinary congress of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) on Sunday elected former Romanian President Traian Basescu as party chairman.

The vote was unanimous.

The congress also elected the new party leadership: Executive Chairman Eugen Tomac, Secretary General Dorel Onaca, two vice chairpersons and other executives in the PMP’s Censors Committee, Arbitration and Integrity Committee, and National Executive Committee.

Basescu joined the PMP on October 9, 2015 and failed to change the party’s name to merely the Popular Movement, after a final court decision to this effect on March 18.

Basescu slammed the decision banning the change of the party’s name, saying he is surprised by this move and wondered if it might be a consequence of the fact that the “National Intelligence Sect had decided that only two great parties should exist.”

The prosecutors’ action to challenge a party registration is unprecedented. Moreover, judges admitted the appeal, although new parties are set on the daily basis. We must observe the decision,” the former president wrote on Facebook.

Would it be a consequence that the National Intelligence Sect has decided that only two big, controllable parties should exist in Romania? You fouled up, guys, we’ll run for the local elections under the PMP name and with the apple logo,” Basescu also stated, asking for the party members to readjust the signature lists for the candidates running for the local elections in June.

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