Traian Basescu: In the autumn, I’ll probably join PMP. Union with R. Moldova reloaded

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Former President Traian Basescu said on Sunday, at the end of PMP Regional Conference in Alba Iulia, that ‘probably’ in the autumn he will not be ‘only a partner’ for the party representatives, but he will join the party.
Traian Basescu attended the People’s Movement Party Regional Conference – Centre, held at Alba Iulia, he was guest of honour of the event.
“I’d conclude assuring you, after I attended the Regional Conferences in Timisoara, in Galati, in Iasi, Pitesti and here at Alba, that probably in the autumn, I will not only be your partner, but I will join your party,” Basescu said at the end of the event.
On April 18, former President Traian Basescu said in Galati, he will not join the PMP, because ‘the transition actors need, at a certain time, to take a step back,’ he later added, that is not will never join any party.

On this occasion, Traian Basescu reloaded the topic of the union with R. of Moldova, saying that PMP’s country goal should be Romania’s union with its Eastern neighbor. In his view, it’s time we openly discuss about “the re-establishment of Romania’s territorial integrity”, as he denounced the lack of courage of the Romanian politicians on this issue.

“Today Romania cannot accept to live after a pact settled by two murderers, Stalin and Hitler and signed by other two criminals: Ribbentrop and Molotov. We are living based on this pact even nowadays, an agreement which has divided Romanians into two states. But PMP must set the country’s reunification as goal,” Basescu argued.

He reaffirmed that R. Moldova’s chance to join EU is the union with Romania, adding that „Romanian politicians don’t have the courage to talk on this topic, while the politicians in the Republic of Moldova lack this courage more.”

“I told Voronin, Ghimpu and Timofti (editor note-former Moldovan presidents) that this is a future solution for both states. Both countries are equally interested and such a union would help them. Romania could increase its weight inside NATO and EU, while R. of Moldova could get through the transition calvary more easily. The way things are prefiguring due to the Ukrainian events this transition will never end. Republic of Moldova is not standing in front of a guarantee that it will become an EU member state,” Basescu said.

The former Romanian president suggested now it’s time to propose a referendum on the union. “I think it’s the right time to discuss the topic, to submit an offer for the Government and the Parliament from the Republic of Moldova, it’s time to arrange a referendum in both countries, “ Basescu underlined.


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