Traian Basescu steps down as PMP chairman, who is his successor?

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The People’s Movement Party (PMP) has elected a new chairman on Saturday, after Traian Basescu had stepped down from the helm of the party set up in 2014. The only candidate running for his position was Eugen Tomac, who thus became the new chairman.

Former Romania’s President, Traian Basescu, who has got the position of honorary president, has stated that the first and most important project of PMP should now be the reunification of the country, 100 years since the Great Union.

Basescu voiced his satisfaction that somebody else will now become the oldest party chairman in Romania.

The former head of state also tackled some sensitive issues of the current affairs, such as the role of the President of Romania, following the Constitutional Court’s ruling that compels the head of state to dismiss the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

Dear successors, I have the conviction that the boat is not pierced , as a journalist of dubious quality has said. I have the conviction that PMP is in good hands today, the best hands it could have been, with two Moldovans at the helm in turn, a president and a vice-president. I will remain attached to PMP and I will be a strong supporter. Good bye. From now on I feel responsible for PMP, but, on the other hand, I have a feeling of relief. I have so much to say and you cannot tell all from the position of party leader. All the acquired experience, all the truth cannot be said from the position of party chairman, but from the position of a free man,” Basescu told the delegates attending the PMP Congress after the votes had confirmed Tomac as the new leader.

The new executive chairman of the party is Marius Pascan and Dorinel Onaca is the secretary general.

Petru Movila, Catalin Cristache, Catalin Bulf, Gabriela Dobrota, Mircea Samartinean, Clement Negrut, Ionus Simionca have been elected as vice-presidents.

The PMP Congress has been also spiced by a dispute between Robert Turcescu, deputy and former journalist on one hand, and Traian Basescu on the other hand. While Turcescu voiced his discontent that Basescu had withdrawn from the PMP helm until after the elections for the European Parliament, Basescu reproached Turcescu he had hold in contempt the topic of the union between Romania and Republic of Moldova. “I expected you would be still chairman,” Turcescu told Basescu, with the latter replying: “What would you expect? to crawl through the party like Iliescu does? (our note: Ion Iliescu, former president of Romania, ex-PSD chairman).

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