Traian Basescu would favour a right-wing coalition. The 100pc Dragnea governance is about to start

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Senator Traian Basescu, former President of Romania and currently PMP leader, said on Tuesday for the TVR public television, that he would favour a right-wing coalition to support a sole candidate for the next presidential election, adding that the main problem ‘is PNL’s honesty’.

“Let’s recall how PNL yelled for the sake of the people and now they are fighting for the laws of justice to serve the people. Well, a referendum was held to have 300 MPs. The law was voted in 2017. Who voted against the cut of the number of lawmakers to 300? PSD, PNL and UDMR,” Traian Basescu said.

Basescu claimed that the liberals are hand in hand with the social-democrats, pointing to the bill exempting the real estate developers from outstanding debts, a law initiated by the liberals.

“So, the liberals are hand in hand with the PSD on many issues. Law 29, promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis, was sent for promulgation on December 30, was promulgated on January 15 – a law exempting the real estate developers from outstanding debts. (…) The bill was initiated by four liberals, including by Raluca Turcan, and was heavily voted by PSD and ALDE,” Basescu said.

Referring to the PM designated, Viorica Dancila, Traian basescu said she will be docile in the relationship with Daddy (Liviu Dragnea – PSD chairman). “Finally, Dragnea will be the head of the Government. The 100% Dragnea governance is about to start,” the former President said.

He added that Romania is not doing badly, but the PSD will have problems in dealing with the amendments to the Tax Code.

“Things will not go badly. Romania will register economic growth, but so many amendments have been brought to the Tax Code, that make me believe they will face problems in administration. Let’s be honest, they’ve cut the taxes, the income tax from 16% to 10% for pensions, and for many economic activities. Thus, they have made things to stimulate the economy, but they will face problems related to the amendments brought to the Tax Code,” the PMP chairman said.


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