Traian Berbeceanu, the new prefect of Bucharest

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Traian Berbeceanu was appointed prefect of Bucharest, according to a government resolution published in the Official Gazette on Thursday. Berbeceanu’s appointment is yet temporary.

“There are special times, with big challenges ahead. I am convinced that we can face them together (…) I want to assure my colleagues from the Prefect’s Office of my entire support and of the fact that we;ll provide Bucharesters with solutions, not with excuses”, Berbeceanu said while taking over his position, also assuring mayor-elect Nicusor Dan of all his endorsement.

PM Ludovic Orban has announced this week he will replace the prefect of Bucharest, Gheorghe Cojanu after the latter’s controversial statements on the rate of COVID infection in Bucharest. Orban had mentioned back then that one of the potential successors for this position is Traian Berbeceanu.

Berbeceanu is “a correct, resolute and upstanding men” and has proved throughout his activity that he can fulfill his objectives, the PM argued.

Former chief of the Organized Crime Brigade in Alba from 2005 to 2013,  Berbeceanu was named as head of office of the Liberal Interior minister Marcel Vela in December last year.

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  1. Giles Eldridge says

    You didn’t wan to mention the criminal controversy surrounding this Traian Berbeceanu?

    1. Alina Grigoras says

      It is mentioned in the link on the word Berbeceanu at the end of the article.

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