Troublesome visit for PM Dancila in Cluj, welcomed by protesters’ booing


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While European leaders gathered in Sibiu to attend the EU informal summit, PM Viorica Dancila, who received no invitation to attend the top meeting from President Iohannis or from the PES leaders, went to Cluj-Napoca to attend an electoral rally and to meet the PSD mayors and local councilmen in Cluj.

However, the prime minister has been welcomed by protests and booing in front of the Community Center in Cluj-Napoca where she was supposed to meet the local Social Democrat members. At the last minute, organisers changed the venue, considering the unfriendly welcoming Dancila was about to face.

Over 100 people gathered in front of the city’s community center on Thursday at noon, chanting slogans against the prime minister and the ruling party. “Community center, not imposture center”, “We won’t be led by thieves“, “We are sick of Dancila”, “We want intelligence, not incompetence”.

Political sources told local media that the organisers have changed the location of the meeting with the PSD mayors. PM Dancila has been accompanied by Health minister, Sorina Pintea.

They also went to visit the Oncology Institute in Cluj-Napoca, but the premier took the side door to enter the building, also to avoid the protesters. The gendarmes had blocked the access to the Institute’s courtyard anyway, but protesters ran to the side door trying to approach Dancila. “Resignation“, “Down with the Government”, they shouted, while one of the protesters threw a roll of toilet paper in the prime minister’s direction.

Dancila has also visited a church in Cluj, and a group of protesters were also expecting her there, with gendarmes being forced to block the entrance of the church once the premier was in.

The head of the Executive also visited Alba Iulia on Thursday.

Sources from PSD told that PM Viorica Dăncilă has tried to obtain an invitation for the informal summit in Sibiu, at least to attend an official meeting with the European Socialist leaders or a bilateral meeting with one of her counterparts attending the summit, but no version has eventually happened.

Asked to comment that, Dancila claimed that she was the one who refused such meetings.

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